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The Flying UFO is an awesome self flying drone that does tricks and all with the power of your hand. By using the sensor technology it possesses, you can play with friends. It’s light and easy to carry and virtually unbreakable. Has both side and down sensing so you are in control. Only for indoor use.

This New Generation UFO2 Drone is safe to catch and safe for most indoor use - not for outdoor use

Hand-Command Control - no remote or app needed

4 Inch Diameter 360 Lighting 540 Sensing system Highly Durable Construction Aerobatic Capability

Charges by USB. 

Item#  UFO-2
360° Lighting  •  540° Sensing system
Highly Durable Construction  •  Aerobatic Capability
Includes: 1-Drone  / 1-Charge Cord  / Manual

Leading Edge: Self Flying UFO-2

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