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Craze Sensations Mix n Match Case 


Mix and match your own 100% Satisfying sensations with this collection of 4 different compounds plus a storage case! 


This combo set includes all your favorites. Combine the 4 different deco packs with 4 different individual compound packs for the ultimate mix’in experience. 


All the compounds come ready to play.

Includes 4 colorful styles: Scented Slime, Foam Beads, Fluffy Slime, and Magic Sand. Plus 1 sand cutting tool and colorant!

Mix in foam beads, clay shapes, and confetti for added texture…It looks and feels so good! 

Squish the foam for satisfying crackling, stretch the slime as far as you can, mold the magic sand, or let it slip through your fingers! 


Use the sand tool to slice and cut the Magic Sand to create your own ASMR effects, so satisfying!

Use the included stickers to customize your storage case and take your compounds anywhere!

License 2 Play Toys: Craze Sensations Mix N Match Case

SKU: 444008
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