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Ready for the ultimate slot car action? Then LiteHawk Le Mans Prototype racing is for you!

A long straightaway with fully digital lap counter, tight banked curves with dramatic elevation changes await your precion driving skills! Add in a very technical chicane section and you have a true racing inspired CIRCUIT!

Each LMP race car features deep gloss paint, grippy tires and bright LED lights. 

  • Each track piece is flexible and clicks together securely, allowing for easy placement, assembly and racing!

  • Fully adjustable Raised Section Supports

  • Poster style guard rails for straight track and double-rung for curve sections included

  • Universal Guard Rail decals

  • Ergonomic hand throttles are fully digital, this means that they do not heat up or get hot as you race! Giving you smooth and controlled acceleration.

  • Unique custom design paint schemes


  • Compatible With all Circuit Track

  • Your new LMP set is compatible with all LiteHawk Circuit slot car sets and Track Packs! Expand your set to add tunnels, bridges, crossovers…even jumps!


  • Ready to Run

  • Like all LiteHawk products, LMP is ready to run! Start your slot car racing career right out of the box.

LiteHawk: CIRCUIT LMP Slot Car Set

SKU: P-14282
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