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LiteHawk LIL' TOM 4x4

   LiteHawk LIL’ TOM is ready for adventure! Designed as a Rock Crawler, it’s over sized wheels along with High Travel Suspension can easily navigate through rough terrain. It’s twin motor setup, delivers robust power to the front and rear axles - all controlled by you with the included 2.4 Ghz Controller! LIL’ TOM sports a Heavy Duty Roll Cage that protects components in case of a roll over. Easily take your next adventure Off-Road with confidence - LIL’ TOM is an awesome 4x4!
   Raining outside? LIL’ TOM is very happy zooming across floors in your home - it will be even happier if you make a small Obstacle Course for it to play on!

Oversize Wheels and Suspension

LIL TOM can handle challenging terrain with ease - crawl over rocks, or speed over smaller obstacles.

Dual Motor Pods

Front and Rear motors provide consistent power to the wheels.

20 Minute Run time!

Have more fun driving the LIL TOM between battery recharges. Included USB charger lets you charge on the go!


  • 2 Channel Fully Digital 2.4 Ghz Control puts you in control! Play together with up to 80 models at the same time without the fear of losing connection!

  • Steering wheel can be installed to suit both left and right handed drivers

  • Fully assembled and ready for adventure!

  • Indoor and Outdoor use

  • 20 Minute Run Time!

  • 4 wheel drive

  • Screw on body panels

  • Powerful twin motor setup

  • Soft ubber tires provide excellent grip

  • Adjustable mechanical front wheel trim

  • Rechargeable Ni-Cad battery and charger included

LiteHawk: Lil' Tom 4x4

SKU: P-13008
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