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Ready to conquer all terrain? This high performance luxury tank has been designed to tackle any beach, mountain, and off road encounters with ease.

TRAKHAWK can climb 30 degree inclines in a heartbeat, with a top speed of 18km/h!

TRAKHAWK comes equipped with a twin motor drive system and working suspension keeps the power down. A 2.4Ghz controller keeps you in contact with your TRAKHAWK, and allows you to play with other RC vehicles without fear of crossing frequencies or losing control.



  • Factory Assembled and Ready For You.

  • Customize your ride with the included decal sheet!

  • Opening Hawk Wing Doors.

  • Battery compartment on the bottom of the chassis makes battery changes a breeze!

  • Rear mounted twin motor planetary gearbox design.

  • 2.4Ghz Digital Systems let you race with endless friends - without the worry of frequencies or channels!

  • Includes Wall Mount Charger and Battery.

  • All-terrain treads to overcome any obstalce!


SKU: 285-40020


SKU: P-15478
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