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Introducing the Makedo SAFE-SAW

For independent, fast and controlled cardboard construction. 


Steel blade with no sharp edges to swiftly saw cardboard.
Reverse the tool to punch holes for the Makedo SCRU.

Looking for an even safer option?
For younger makers, consider the Makedo SAFE-SAW JNR.
Here's a tip that may be handy when using the Makedo SAFE-SAW:
Punch a row of holes along the line of your cut, about 1" apart... then use the saw to "join the dots". This works well for straight and curved cuts, as well as cutouts such as holes, windows or doors.
The punch on the end of the saw can also be used to score the cardboard, to create folds and more sculptural forms. 
For more advanced cardboard construction, try the Makedo FOLD-ROLLE

Ages: 7+



makedo: SAFE-SAW

SKU: P-14836
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