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It's no wonder the Roadster has secured sponsorship with some of the biggest names in racing. Robust power, aerodynamic styling, and advanced suspension systems enable this beast to roar past its rivals like few cars in existence. This PRO Delux R1 Roadster is fully customizable. With an extra Muscle Car hood and fender, and 13 interchangeable parts in every PRO Delux set, you can Mix & Match thousands of designs! 

Our Modular Building System has retained screws that won't fall out. Just loosen the screws with the hex tool provided and swap out parts! Real suspension and finger-steering mechanics puts you in the driver's seat for tight maneuvers like figure eights, without ever having to reposition your hand! It's the ultimate toy car experience!


  • White R1 Roadster chassis
  • Metallic Blue R1 Roadster hood
  • Metallic Blue R1 Roadster Fender
  • Black S1 Street frame
  • Metal Grey S2 Muscle hood
  • Metal Grey S2 Muscle Fender
  • Front and Rear Suspension + Street Wheels
  • Hex Tool

Modarri: Delux R1 Roadster Car Set

SKU: P-12692
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