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The Modarri Haul 'Em Car Transporter uses adjustable ramp mechanics and can fit up to 8 Modarri cars! This set is perfect for long hauls, and looks great on display as well! Each transporter includes a blue S1, a red/grey X1, and a white T1 – get mixing and matching right out of the box


Modarri Haul 'Em Car Transporter, 3 Cars (S1, X1, T1) and Endless Fun! 

  • Truck and Detachable Trailer
  • 3 Cars (S1, X1, T1)
  • 3 Car Hoods and Fenders
  • 3 Car Frames
  • 3 Car Chassis
  • 1 Seat per Car
  • 4 Wheels per Car
  • 2 Suspensions per Car

Modarri: Transporter with 3-Pack

SKU: P-12691
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