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This is a classic Drop Down shape. Comprised of 10 ply's of Canadian maple, the deck features concave and measures 10" x 39.8". With dropped longboards, the middle of the deck is lower than where the trucks are mounted. The trucks are placed higher than the standing platform which allows for a lower center of gravity thus greater stability at high speeds. The Bigfoot wheels on this complete are 76mm in diameter, 80a in hardness, and 53mm in width. They have a slightly offset hub with a 47.5mm contact patch, rounded slightly inner edge. All of these details put together equal a wheel with quick acceleration, smooth ride, good grip, with good slide characteristics (after the break-in period). The rounded edges allow the wheel to break loose and slide easily. This wheel is designed mainly for freeriding and cruising. The board is complete with high-grade, strong aluminum alloy trucks, high rebound bigfoot wheels, Abec-7 Speed Bearings, Hardware, & Risers. Board Specifics: Size: 10" x 39.8". Type: Drop Down. Graphic: Stormy Beach. Construction: North American Maple. Trucks: 180mm Reverse Kingpin. Wheels: Bigfoot 76mm 80A Mountain Cruisers. Grip: Clear Grit with full top graphic.


Type:Drop Down

Paradise Longboard 40" Splatter Drop Down

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